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Are you feeling stuck in a rut?

Unsure of where you're headed in life?

Feel trapped in your current relationship?

Suspect your partner is having an affair?

Sick of your current career? 


Like you, there have been times when I've felt alone and unsure where to turn to next in life. Its often at these times I've sought out the guidance of tarot cards.


I’ve been fascinated by tarot cards for years, however, in the past, some tarot readings I have had made me feel more apprehensive. I now realise this may have been more about the actual tarot reader than the cards themselves!


Yet I know other people can feel the same way. So why not have an Angel Card Reading instead?


Angel Cards are non-denominational, they help to link in with an individual’s guardian angel, archangels and ascended masters to help provide an uplifting, spiritual, healing way of helping to understand and harmonize every aspect of a person’s life.



I have undergone training with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine to become certified Angel Card Reader.   

There are various decks of cards which can be used for all manner of readings. I tend to use the deck I feel drawn to prior to a client arriving for their reading.

I always cleanse and bless the cards before each new reading to ensure any energy from previous clients are removed. I work with my spiritual team including my guardian angels and spirit guide to help me intepret the cards specifically for you. 


I offer various packages to suit your budget. All readings can be done face to face at my shop, facetime or via email. 


Every reading is conducted from a place of love, offering spiritual guidance and at times practical advice. Although please remember you have free will and choice to make your own decisions. 


One Card Reading  £5 (email only).

Trinity Spread  £10 (3 cards).

Full Reading  £25






Legally, I am required to advise you all readings are for entertainment purposes only and for insurances purposes I am required to advise readings are a form of healing. If you require legal or medical advice please seek a licensed professional.

35 Front Street Stanley Co. Durham DH9 0JE