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The main reason we exist on a soul level is to express our Divinity into our 

human experience. Every thought, choice or decision we have ever made at 

a soul level is recorded in ourAkashic Records, which is a bit like a 

holographic journal.


During a Soulology Realignment Reading, we can discover more about 

the nature of our soul, where it originates, what energies it is designed to

work with in particular and what specialities it has focused on. In essence,

it enables us to understand our soul purpose of this lifetime. 


A Soulology Realignment Reading can also enable us to understand what

choices we have made in past lives that may be negatively affecting us

to this day. We call the energetic consequences of these

choices “negative blocks and restrictions.” They literally block

and restrict us from accessing our Divine Gifts and living our

purpose in this lifetime.


Once we have a conscious understanding of these choices we 

can energetically clear their consequences within

the Akashic Records. 


We can also discover more about your life lessons, life situations,

relationships, chakra imbalances, meet your spirit guides

and also get spirit guide coaching!


I offer a range of mix or match packages which can be

tailored to suit whatever is going on in your life. Simply ring me to

discuss and I will advise you upon which package I recommend for you.


Packages from £70.00 


What you have said !

I asked Lisa to do a relationship and life lesson reading for my daughter who was

experiencing problems with bullying at school. Whilst the school were doing what they could to

deal with the bullying, I wanted to understand whether my daughter was subconsciously attracting

the bullies to her.

Lisa discovered that my daughter’s soul life purpose was self-worth. Meaning my daughter’s

life lesson was all about knowing she is worthy of love. She also discovered genetic belief

about female subservience which had been created as far back as my great grandmother

and this was sitting at the root of my daughter’s self-image.

Together, Lisa and I did some clearing work, and now my daughter is much happier and

more importantly has become more empowered to stand up for herself. Once she was able to

do this the bullying soon stopped! I really can’t thank Lisa enough for her help and support.

J.L.A., Durham


I had an in-depth Soulology Reading from Lisa and all I was able to say throughout was W.O.W!

I’ve had a lot of readings over the years, but this has got to have been the most accurate I

have ever had!

F.C. Arizona USA.


I turned to Lisa for a Soulology Reading when my life was falling apart. I had just come out

of an abusive relationship so was feeling pretty beaten and broken down. Because I was feeling so

low, I found that I couldn’t cope with my job. I dreaded going into work. Every Sunday night I

couldn't sleep for worrying about having to go to work.

I had a soul reading and Lisa spent time helping me understand how choices I had made in past lives

were sitting at the heart of problems I was experiencing now. I did my clearing homework and it

really made me feel so empowered. Lisa helped me take control of my life again and make positive

changes. Now I'm happily married, love my new job and have just found out I’m expecting my first child!

M.L. Sunderland.


When I had my Soulology reading off Lisa, I was apprehensive because I thought it would sound

really complicated. But it was fascinating, Lisa took her explaining everything to me in a way that

I could understand. When I left I felt uplifted and much more focused about which direction

I needed to take in my life.  Even rediscovered my artistic skills!

I found Lisa to be passionate and very caring about her work, she really went out of her way to make

me feel at ease throughout.

J.H. Hartlepool.


I went to Lisa for a Soulology and Spirit Guide Reading because I wanted to meet my spirit guides.

It was fascinating, she give me a description of my guides, their names and how they try

to communicate with me. I’ve had a tingle down the back of my head for years and even

went to the doctors about this but nothing was found. Now I know it’s one of my guides

and I actually find it really comforting.

L.C. Sunderland




I friend of mine was having problems with unexplained activity in her home which was frightening her and her children. I asked Lisa if she could help and she suggested a soulology reading for my friends property. I have to say I was amazed and skeptical at the same time as I never knew property also have its own akashic records. I gave Lisa my friends full postal address and Lisa was able to explain that there was a poltigeist attached to the property in addition to a vortex in one of the childrens bedrooms. She was able to do clearing work the same evening and the property just felt so much calmer straight away. Several weeks later things have now returned to normal, my friend and her family are so much more settled and no longer afraid. We're so thankful for Lisa's help and would have no hestitation in contacting her again.

J.M. Newcastle. 


35 Front Street Stanley Co. Durham DH9 0JE