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Christine, Newbury, UK

"I contacted Lisa to do an energetic clearing on our new house because I kept seeing 'something' out of the corner of my eye. I knew the children would be freaked out if they saw anything. Lisa told me who it was - a previous owner who liked checking in to see what was new in the house. She then did a clearing. Since then the house has felt calm, positive and welcoming. A great relief.

Lisa is so lovely and friendly to work with. She also helped to 'ground' me after all the uprooting of the move. I heartily recommend her. Thanks For a great service Lisa.

Muriel, Sunderland, UK

"Lisa did an Angelic Reiki healing with me one day and during the session, I had an overwhelming sense of my guardian angel was helping to wrap her wings around me,  it was lovely and made me feel happy and relaxed."

Billy, Co. Durham, UK

"During my Star Healing, I felt so relaxed and peaceful, I could see lovely colours and shapes in my mind’s eye. Following the treatment over the following days, I continued to feel so relaxed and calm. It was just such a lovely experience and am thankful to Lisa for the healing."


Lindsey, Co. Durham, UK

"I had Metatronia Therapy healing session from Lisa, this was at a point in my life where I was going through something very traumatic which had left me feeling very stressed and anxious. Following the treatment, I felt so relaxed and had the best night sleep I had had in a long time."


Lisa, Co Durham, UK

"At the time of having Star Healing, I was going through some difficult times, usually I am someone who gives in and cries, but following Star Healing, I found that it gave me the strength to stand my ground. I really believe the healing helped me to become more empowered."


Angela, Co. Durham, UK

"I have to say a massive thank you for my Soul Realignment Reading. I dont know exactly how its happened, but Im finding that I am more confident and no longer allow other people to control me."


Gail, Washington, UK

"I had Arcturian Rainbow Healing with Lisa and experienced an amazing sense of relaxation and calm. It's like I could feel each colour of the rainbow washing over me. Ive never felt anything like it before."



C.M. Sunderland, UK

I'd highly recommend Lisa as she is so down to earth and takes her

time to answer any questions you have. I’ve also had healing off her which

really helped with the pain I was having with a frozen shoulder.


35 Front Street Stanley Co. Durham DH9 0JE